The cooling, heating, tingling, and mouth-watering WOW factor effects that consumers crave are found in our line of high performance Symsates.

Consumers are increasingly looking for more exciting taste sensations. Beyond ordinary appeal, they’re looking for more life and more special effects in a wide range of confectionery, beverage and OTC products. That’s why Symrise combined our latest research findings with our own proprietary flavor technology to create Symsates that deliver truly sensational taste experiences. And here they are!

OptaCool®: Achieve that desirable cooling effect without the tastes of mint or menthol.
These flavor blends are ideal In chewing gum, hard candy, chewy candy, tablets and beverages.

Enhance consumer expectations that go beyond the ordinary single heat sensation.
Varying degrees of heat are provided that range from mild to intense sensations and they’re
compatible with other Symsates as well as with fruit and spice flavors.

Mouth watering isn’t only a description of the sensation you’ll get. These flavors actually
stimulate the trigeminal nerve, creating that longed-for tingling sensation and increase saliva flow with no acidic taste. Applications include health and sports products, OTC medications, oral care, candy and gum products.

Boost the effects of menthol and other cooling materials and has a nasal effect that can lift
the flavor in cough drops, OTC medications, hard candy, gum and other confectionery products.

Symsates can give your products a unique signature and provide these advantages:

Spectacular taste

Complement and boost
Symrise flavors


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